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Who We Help

Business Start-ups

Working with our wider partner network we can answer any questions you have in navigating starting a business in the UAE, which jurisdiction works best for you and how our services can empower you to proceed.

Small to Mid-Size Companies

  • Outsourcing the accounting and VAT functions to us will ensure that you are able to effectively manage your business with financial information that is up to date and meaningful.
  • We can also provide strategic advice around processes, budgets and cashflow management through our outsourced CFO function

Medium to Larger Companies

  • Institutionalising a business is not always an easy step for business owners, we can assist you in navigating this process through the implementation of proper policies and processes, through our business advisory services
  • In addition, we can provide training and mentoring to your executive team to provide them with the right tools to keep the business growing successfully

Selling your Business

If you are looking for a meaningful exit strategy, that will allow you to reap the rewards of all your hard work, we can assist you with an independent business valuation, wealth management planning and perform a due diligence for prospective buyers of the business, through our business advisory services.

E-commerce Business

E-commerce is the fastest growing sector globally and brings its own peculiarities, we can help you navigate through this in an elegant manner that is cost and tax efficient. 

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