VAT and

Managing the complex VAT obligations is an ongoing challenge for businesses. VAT legislation is changing all the time and there is so much to consider, in order for your business to become fully compliant. As such, many businesses decide to outsource this to specialists who can assist with the entire registration and compliance process.

At GTAG we provide a personalised, simple and cost-effective service. You won’t require any knowledge of local laws and you can benefit from our team of multi-lingual VAT experts to obtain your VAT number and other registrations you require as quickly as possible.

It is vital that you have a Partner who can guide you in all the local and regional VAT jurisdictions. We know that you will require practical support to ensure the decisions you make are not hindered by complex cross-border VAT issues.

Our experienced team have been instrumental in the implementation of VAT in South Africa and the UAE, as such they have an in-depth understanding of VAT legislation and the subtleties related thereto. Contact us today to see if we can assist you with any VAT related queries.


VAT Registration

UAE VAT regulation requires that if your turnover exceeds or may exceed AED375k in a financial year you must register for VAT, however there may be instances where due to your input costs during the financial year it would be advantageous to register for VAT. Contact us today to find out your next steps to being a VAT vendor.

Compliance & VAT Return Filing

The nature of the transaction will determine where in the VAT terrain it should rest, our team of VAT Experts will assist you navigating this tricky path

VAT Consulting

Our team of experienced VAT experts can assist you with VAT queries for local and international transactions.

VAT Inspection Procedure

We will visit your business and carry out a VAT inspection, using proven tax audit techniques, just as it would be if a Federal Tax Authority officer conducted it.
We will review the systems you have in place and advise you on any risks to highlight the areas that need particular attention.
We will discuss the findings and provide you with a detailed report for you to act upon, leaving you fully confident and ready for a real FTA VAT inspection, thus putting your mind at ease.

VAT Inspection Procedure
Lack of proper account records 1st Offence - AED 10,000 | 2nd Offence - AED 50,000
Administrative Penalty Up to 300%
VAT Fraud Jail + 500%
Late submission of VAT returns 1st Offence - AED 1,000 | 2nd Offence - AED 2,000
Incorrect submisson of VAT returns 1st Offence - AED 3,000 | 2nd Offence - AED 5,000
Incorrect Invoicing Per Incident - AED 5,000