For those of you that have had children, you will know that the first few years are crucial for their development. To give you peace of mind, you take your child to see a pediatrician just to make sure their development is in line with what would be expected. And as you get older, it is often prudent to go for annual health checks yourself to be proactive in anticipation of any health issues.

A business is no different; it needs a health check. GTAG and its partner network are in a position to provide such a health check, which will focus on structure & governance, legal & regulatory, finance, VAT and IT. Depending on the outcome, we provide strategic advice and support solutions to pioneering entrepreneurs, startups and high-growth SMEs seeking to boost their business and/or consolidate their operations. We then help develop business strategies with a focus on growth and value-creation. We identify key milestones, set the metrics to monitor these and assist in the implementation of the retained solutions.

We understand the key role outsourcing plays for high-growth entities and provide a vast array of support services – both on an ongoing and per project basis – through our network: from business planning, accounting and reporting, virtual CFO services, to IT and tax functions.

We can help implement the right financial and reporting tools to scale the growth of your business and overcome the main challenges every successful young company faces. We can also accelerate your growth and open new windows of opportunities through our extensive network.

Because both you and your business need to remain healthy!

Some reasons why you may need a GTAG BHC

·       Are you looking to sell or exit your business?

·       Is there an investor looking to buy your business? 

·       What are the key things that will optimise your business value?

·       Do you want to reduce the hours you work but still keep your business?

·       Do you have a tax efficient and practical succession plan in place for your business?

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